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WordPress SEO Tips

Anyone who is working with WordPress has one thing on their mind: SEO tips that actually work. And there are many tips that will get you excellent optimization, leading to lots of traffic; And that is the basis for any successful site or blog.

Let’s begin. It sounds simple, but many WordPress users don’t realize that they are blocking search engines by accident. How can this happen? It’s in your settings. So, before we begin, go into your Admin panel, choose “Options>privacy” and be sure that it is set to: “ I would like my blog to be visible to everyone”. Okay, now that you have made sure your setting are right, let’s look at some important WordPress SEO tips.

SEO WP Theme

One of the most popular and expected features of a blog is to allow people to comment. If you limit this, you are limiting your ability to be highly ranked. Some users restrict comments to only users who are registers and some do not allow them at all. While there are rare cases in which this is needed, in the majority of cases, you want those comments! When you allow comments, you are engaging your readers, it gives you a constant supply of fresh content (something that Google and others are looking for) and it gives those Googlebots and other search engines a good reason to keep coming back to you to see what is new. The more changes to your site, the better you look in the eyes of Google and other engines.

To make sure that you enable comments, login to the admin center and go to “Options”. Make sure that “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” is not checked off. Again, do not put a check mark in there.

Staying focused will help you greatly. While it is fun and sometimes therapeutic to blog about anything that comes to mind, if you want to be found, you need to have a specific topic to be found. Therefore, your blog should have a theme. If not, search engines will have no idea where to place you. They will not know what category to place you under. Think about what you want people to type in to find you and that should be your theme.

Code errors can cause low rankings. WordPress produces valid code, but errors can come from incorrect written plugins or themes and user created coding errors. You must check for errors and fix it. If a plugin has an error, it’s a good idea to email the developer and let them know.

Blogs are not just about text, it must include images as well. Images increase the attention of your visitors and they give you the opportunity to use good keywords for your alternate titles. A great way to be found in image search engines which will only increase your traffic.

And finally, are you pinging? A ping tells the search engines that you have new content. One of the most important WordPress SEO tips is to use Ping-o-matic by default, this then pings others. Once a post is published, WordPress then created pings whenever that post is edited. If you try to cut down on edits that are done post-publishing, you will not be seen as a “ping spammer”; and you never want to be seen as a spammer in the eyes of the search engines.

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