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Website Promotion Prices

Today there is no doubt that website promotion is one of the most efficient and profitable methods of advertising on the Internet. And it is precisely in this area directed their efforts more far-sighted company. Referring to the services of SEO specialists, customers often ask the same question: “How much will cost progress?”. Most of them believe that in this area, you can immediately give an exact amount, and thereafter strictly stick to it.

Perhaps it was true, if the promotion was reduced to pay certain sums to representatives of the search engines. However, in practice of search engine is not based on the amount of the paid amounts, and on precise algorithms that affect who can not even the most “advanced” SEO Specialist. The only way out – more or less skillfully follow these algorithms, and expect to get a particular result.

Why website promotion in different companies vary the price?

This is due to the fact that each company expects the cost of the works on its own. The main points shared by a majority of them – is:

  • Age and site settings
  • The number of requests that will be used for the promotion of
  • Referential mass
  • Desired outcome (Top 10 or Top 3)
  • The position of competing sites
  • The degree of optimization at the beginning of the work
  • Guarantees provided by the company, etc.

As you can see, many of these parameters can vary as from company to company and from site to site. It is safe to say that one of the most important factors influencing the cost of promotion, is a reference mass and its rational use. For example, if the reference mass of competitors who started the promotion of their resources much earlier, already very high, a significant portion of the budget will be used to acquire quality links.

What to consider when purchasing a reference mass?

As is known, for successful website promotion requires not only effective use of options, their quantity, but quality of the sites. When is site promotion and it comes to purchase links, on the first place, such a criterion, as the term of the links on the site. The main goal – to get a link to a quality site and make sure that it will reside there for a long time. If a couple of weeks after the placement of links, it will be removed for any reason, it is clear that the efficiency of its use will be practically zero. Keep track of such an outcome can be difficult. Nobody will look at hundreds of sites a day. Moreover, sifted not only single sites, but entire networks of sites that are of poor quality. Therefore, optimizers tend to create certain criteria, to monitor the grid sites, and decide whether it would be appropriate to cooperate with them.


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