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The writer of the following article hopes that word about the web design courses that are mentioned in her article reaches the eyes and ears of those writing blogs for the U.S. military. The writer knows that the U.S. military blog has a section for news of interest to Marines. The writer would like to see a few facts from the following article included in that blog. The men and women reading that blog might well be searching for a “new voice,” because at the start of May one former blog writer chose to cease contributing to this particular website: www.usmilitary.com/blogs.

Louis H. Schilt never heard the phrase “web design courses,” and yet Schilt’s name has become associated with an entire group of web design courses. The operators of the website “Sessions Online” have chosen to name their new scholarship program after one decorated World War II veteran. They have named their program after a Marine who had a dog tag that carried the words “Louis H. Schilt.”

Web Design Courses

Sessions Online hopes that its web design courses can help an injured veteran to get back on his or her feet. The website’s scholarship program promises to cover the total tuition costs for any course that’s taken by a veteran in that same program. Sessions Online intends to award its scholarships to injured veterans, and to members of the veterans’ families.

Not all of the money for the Louis H. Schilt Memorial Scholarship program will come from the bank account used to finance the operation of Sessions Online. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) will also provide monetary support for students taking Sessions’ designated web design courses and graphics courses.

The men and women who will be administering the scholarship program do not expect each of the scholarship awardees to visit a nearby computer store, and to purchase computers and software. Instead, each scholarship student will receive both an Apple iMac and professional level software, software for the creation of computer graphics and web designs.

IAVA has pledged to help publicize the benefits available to wounded veterans who take advantage of the Schilt Memorial Scholarship Fund. As a non-profit agency focused on the needs of veterans, IAVA has gained recognition for its willingness to advocate for educational opportunities, opportunities that might improve the life of an injured vet.

Louis H. Schilt understood how challenging it can be for a wounded veteran to establish a new life. Schilt himself was injured in battle. His injury caused him to become blind. Schilt once insisted that an injured veteran must “create an entirely new life physically, emotionally and professionally.”

The administrators of the Online Sessions scholarship program expect their web design courses to be something that an injured vet could handle physically. More importantly, such courses should provide the injured veteran with emotional excitement and a chance to enjoy real financial rewards. The Schilt scholarship program holds the potential to guide an injured veteran into a new and challenging career. It should encourage a number of injured veterans to dream about advancing in that new career.

A thorough knowledge of web design promises to give, to those injured vets who obtain that knowledge, a truly fulfilling professional life. That knowledge of web design should hand to a scholarship student a real chance at a new beginning.


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