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Top SEO Mistakes

Avoidance of the top SEO mistakes calls for familiarity with the most modern types of product marketing. Today, experts at branding sometimes struggle to avoid those mistakes. A branding expert might, for example, want to use a brand name as a keyword. Yet a brand name is not apt to be entered in the box of a search engine. The modern day marketing expert has learned how to downplay use of a brand name within website content. Instead, that marketing expert peppers the content with well chosen keywords, words that a potential customer might be expected to type into a search engine.

top seo mistakes

The owner of a website wants that website to appear near the top of the search engine rankings. In order to achieve that goal, a website owner should direct his or her efforts at search engine optimization (SEO). In order to avoid the top SEO mistakes, a website owner needs to learn what he or she can and can not control.

While SEO includes the selection of keywords, those skilled at SEO work know that selection of the perfect keywords does not insure a high search engine ranking. The primary keyword should be included in the title tag for the website. Poor positioning of the primary keyword is one of the top SEO mistakes.

Whenever a website contains lots of good information, it becomes impossible to put all of that information on a single web page. For that reason, a website owner should plan to have an announcement or a description tag for each posted article on his or her website. The absence of an announcement or a description tag is another of the top SEO mistakes.

The typical Internet viewer does not want to spend time searching web content for a valuable piece of information. The first paragraph of any content article should summarize the focus of that article. That first paragraph should also contain the primary keyword. Failure to offer a suitable opening paragraph in each content article constitutes commission of yet another of the top SEO mistakes.

Search engine rankings depend on more than the presence of keywords; they also relate to the frequency and distribution of those keywords. Content that contains a flood of keywords will not appear near the top of a search engine ranking. Judicious use and distribution of keywords insures good positioning within a search engine ranking. Disregard for good keyword density belongs on the list of top SEO mistakes.

The “spider” that helps to determine the search engine rankings pays close attention to the number of outbound links and back links on each website. Good content will help a website to gain a satisfactory number of back links. The website owner should look for websites with similar content, sites that seem to be a fitting endpoint for an outbound link. Failure to include both types of links allows the site owner to become trapped in yet another of the SEO mistakes.

A fresh loaf of bread can get stale over time. Fresh content on a website does not stay fresh forever. The wise website owner makes certain to include information on company news or product changes in frequently updated content. The absence of fresh content can knock a website from the prime position in the search engine rankings. It is another of the SEO mistakes.


  1. Apparently one of the most common mistakes that webmasters make is to have the same title for all pages of the site, even though there is different content below each of them. This is confusing to the search engines because they value titles so highly.

    So, even if you don’t title your pages with the absolute best keywords right from the start, just make sure each page has a different one. You’ll be helping your SEO just a little, and of course you can change them later anyway when you get an idea about which keywords are the best to use.

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