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Top 6 SEO Add-ons for Firefox

It is no secret that search optimized articles are very popular and also a very great way to earn a lot of cash via the internet. Firefox is a popular web browser that is used for faster internet surfing while also allowing for multiple add-ons such as the six listed below for SEO’s. Article marketing is far more popular today and it seems like everyone in the writing business is either writing articles or outsourcing articles. It is the perfect way to earn extra money because every article that a person puts up has a potential to receive many page views and advertising pays very well.

Take a look at the top six SEO add-ons for Firefox that not only make running SEO marketing easier but more organized as well. Some have disadvantages but there are greater advantages that come with each and individual add-on.

SEO Quake – This add-on is best for people who are rushed for time. SeoQuake extension helps to check for competition such as to check PageRank, backlinks, domain age and various other statistics. This SEO add-on helps webmasters deal with search engine optimization and promotional websites.

seo quake for firefox

SearchStatus – Firefox SEO toolbar extension lets you view its Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, mozRank (SEOmoz Linkscape), Google related links and backward links from Google and Yahoo Site Explorer.

searchstatus firefox

SEO Toolbar –  includes shortcuts to popular PPC Systems, SEO tools, Keyword Research tools, and domain tools: Keyword Discovery, Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool, Competitive Intelligence, Alexa, SEO Toolkit; whois data – Above.com, Moniker, Domain Tools, Register, Network Solutions, Planet Domain;

seo toolbar firefox

Foxy SEO Tool – Free tool that provides several search engine functions such as Yahoo! Site Explorer, Google Site, and Live FromLinks. With this tool you will get web traffic analysis through sites like Quantcast, Compete and Alexa. You also check up on a site through different directories such as Yahoo! Or Dmoz.

foxy seo tool for firefox

The KeywordSpy™ SEO / PPC – add-on helping webmasters, advertisers & SEO-analysts to do their PPC & SEO research right from their browser. KeywordSpy™ PPC Keyword Research – keywords are being gauged by valuable metrics such as ROI, position and number of competitors.

the keywordspy

KGen – KGen helps webmasters to be able to keep up with word content and the average amount that it appears. It also shows how to not only approve quality but gives statistics. This is also a good tool to help see competitor’s keyword strategy.



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    Thanks for sharing this information, this article has extremely good points. I have never used Firefox before but have had friends tell me about it and they say it works for them, I will certainly have to give this a try.

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