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Top 10 SEO Tips for Google, Yahoo, and Bing

When you have a website your goal will be to create a user friendly, professional site and just as important will be to optimize your site so that a lot of people find that site that you worked so hard on. It is very important to optimize your site for all search engines. While many webmasters only think about Google, one should keep in mind all of the top search engines. You will want to rank as highly as possible in the engines that people use the most. Therefore, let’s take a look at Top 10 SEO Tips for Google, Yahoo, and Bing to make your site as visible as possible and increase your traffic.

While you are creating your website there are two ways of looking at your site and to have a successful website, you must look at both sides of the coin at the same time. You want visitors to enjoy visiting your website. You want them to find it informative and helpful. You probably want them to keep coming back. And depending on the type of site that you have you will want them to take some type of action. This action may be clicking on advertisements, signing up for your newsletter, or even buying directly from your site. The average person only takes between 1 and 3 seconds to decide if they are going to stay on a site or hit the back button. Therefore, one of your main goals must be to make your website inviting so that people will want to stay and see what your site is all about. Or at the very least, you will want them to stay long enough to take whatever action it is that you wish for.

On the other side of the coin, you must create a site so that people can find you. The most beautifully designed, most user friendly, most interesting site in the world will do you no good if no one can find you. If that site that you worked so hard on is hidden on page 50 of the search results, you won’t have a chance to impress those visitors.

So, how do you make a great site and do what you must so that it is easily found? The answer is in SEO. This is search engine optimization. Your goal will be to incorporate all of your great design ideas, and then make sure that the text on each of your pages is optimized properly so that people will find you when they search for you. This will be your keywords, the words that someone types into a search bar in order to find information. And you want them to find you. So, let’s look at the top 10 SEO Tips for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  • Tip One: Insert your keywords in the title tag of each page, so that the search engines clearly know what your page is about. Each page should have a different keyword/s.
  • Tip Two: Be sure that your keyword is one that the average person will search for. If your site is about flowers, you would not want your keywords to be “nature’s beauty on a stem”. Be direct.
  • Tip Three: Use those same keywords as a text link to another page in your site. This can be done somewhere in the body of the page.
  • Tip Four: Treat each page as if it were its own website. If each page is almost identical, the search engines will steer clear. It is best to take one subject and break it up into smaller sections, each being a page with its own keywords.
  • Tip Five: Do not then type those keywords all over the page. This is looked at as spamming. You should have your keywords several times on a page; however make sure that they fit in with your text. If you feel that you have to keep using those keywords, look for synonyms.
  • Tip Six: Stay away from link farms and do not pay for links. Look to exchange links with legitimate sites that are in the same category as your site.
  • Tip Seven: Never use a doorway; these are designed for robots and not for people. Search engines do not like them.
  • Tip Eight: Add title tags to your text links. This is similar to when you use an alt tag to show text for images when someone hovers their mouse over them.
  • Tip Nine: Use an alt tag for your images. Your site probably has a good amount of image and you don’t want these to go to waste.
  • Tip Ten: Submit your site to search engines yourself or allow it to be found by having links to your site on other legitimate sites…

Use these top 10 SEO Tips for Google, Yahoo, and Bing and you can’t go wrong.


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