SEO Tips for Bloggers

If you want the crawler of a search engine to credit the information in your blog, then you need to become familiar with search engine optimization. That is the technique whereby a blog or web site places an optimum number of certain “keywords” in its written content. Once you have learned a few of the SEO tips for bloggers, then you can expect to have a larger audience reading and studying your own blog entries.

Try to have a keyword in the title of your blog. Make it something that relates to the material in your blog, and also reflects a common interest of many Internet users. Maybe your blog contains some quotes that one or more people might want to use on Twitter. You could put the word “quotes” or “thoughts” in your chosen title.

If you are writing about foods, maybe you want to use this title: “Mouth Watering Thoughts.” If you hope to motivate people to do some deep soul searching, then you might use this title: “Be Inspired by These Quotes.” If you are going to write about finances, then consider using the word “money” or “wealth” in your title. Does anybody else have a blog called “A Wealth of Knowledge?”

Once you have chosen your title and your topic, then you need to be consistent. If you have promised your reader that you are going to offer fashion pointers, then do not discuss the scenery that amazed you during your recent trip. Write about what items you found you most needed to have handy, as you traveled through that amazing region.

Sometimes the effort to be consistent can seem to act against an important goal, the goal of rising the position of your blog within a search engine listing. Indeed, the more often another site links to your blog, the greater the chance that a crawler will note that fact. Yet, if you only write about one thing, then you limit the number of people who might want to link to your content.

What you must do is to come up with as many ways as possible by which the focus of your writing can relate to some other topic. Look at every bit of news with that thought in mind. Do you hope to “change the world” through your blog? Watch for some happening that causes a broadcaster to say something like this: “The world is changing.” Comment on the event that motivated the broadcaster to make that remark.

At the same time, you should set aside some time for reading other blogs. Maybe you will find one that says something that reinforces your own written thoughts. In that case, you should link your blog to the one with the highly relevant and thought provoking statement.

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A crawler is sure to note the presence of such links. As the number of such links increases, the position of your blog in a search engine listing should gradually make its way closer and closer to the very top of that listing.