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Reciprocal Link Building Tips

The secret to a successful website is a good ranking in the various search engines. The most popular search engines determine how high to rank a particular site based on link popularity. The end result is, the more relevant and high quality links leading people to your site, the better and higher rank it will have. One of the best ways to get other websites to link to yours is to offer to link to theirs. This is an excellent “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” scenario. Reciprocal link exchanges are priceless tools for helping you to develop relationships which will lead to relevant and high quality links.

Reciprocal link exchanges are like a technological version of baseball card trading. When two websites link to one another they both benefit. Exchange links with enough relevant sites and you will see your search engine ranking climb higher and higher. If you have noticed that a similar website ranks a lot higher than yours, it may be because of the number of reciprocal links on that page. Search engines, and Google in particular, use algorithms that calculate the link popularity to rank relevant websites. Since the majority of users on the web rarely check beyond the first page of search results, ranking high is a priority.

Reciprocal link exchanges can do more for your website than just boosting your ranking. They can also drive more visitors to your site from people that click on the links in other websites. The goal is not only to rank as high as possible in a Google ore Bing or Yahoo search, but to get as many eyes as possible on your website. More page views mean more chances to get your message or product out. It also means more money from advertisers. No one creates a site and hopes that it never gets visited.

In short, a reciprocal link exchange can get your website into the public consciousness if used correctly. If you just trade links with any website indiscriminately you can lower your page ranking and make your site less relevant. Rather gaining more unique visits, you will be effectively driving them off. It is important to use the tools to optimize search results carefully and correctly. The search engines are constantly looking closer at link relevancy, so its importance cannot be overstated. If you link to sites that are useful to your visitors, yours can be one of the Go to sites on the web.

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