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Top 100 Premium Photography WordPress Themes

You may consider yourself a professional photographer and want to showcase your work so others will hire you for their family portraitures or wedding days. Perhaps you are an amateur simply looking to showcase some of your work. Whatever the case may be, you could be very interested in building a website by using photography WordPress themes. When you find a theme that is specifically geared toward your intensions for starting a website, you will find it easier to customize the website because much of what comes default is exactly what you want anyway. Combine this with the inexpensive and easy-to-use qualities of WordPress and you have a perfect solution for your website’s design.

The style of photography WordPress themes that you may find yourself most interested in will vary based on the kind of photography you specialize in and what you intent to do with your website. Many photographers want most of their site to simply be a showcasing of their work to intrigue others to hire them. In this case, endless thumbnail capacity will be ideal to meet your needs. On the contrary, other photographers like to include a lot of text on their website to help potential clients get to know them more. This is also a great approach to help you include photography keywords on your website to keep yourself high on search engine listings.

If you want a lot of text on your website, there are several areas you will be looking to be featured on the best photography WordPress themes for your needs. A main content area will serve as the most important aspect of your site. This is where you will display your pictures and all the text you want. On the edges, you may want to incorporate sidebars, where links to other sites belong. Many photography WordPress themes come with sidebar options, which is an ideal feature to look for.

Photo WP Template

You will also want a header to go at the top of the website. Of course, this can be customized to read the name of your photography business and any logo you wish to include. Even if other photographers choose the same photography WordPress theme as you, your header will help your website stand out from all others, as of course will your photographs. The same goes for your background color, font style, text size, and other customizations you can make with photography WordPress themes.

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