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Learn The Technical Know-How Of WordPress Templates

What are word press templates? But in this day and age they are used amply. Then? It has been found that in the present days, one of the essential things that seem to put off people regarding the use of Word Press software on their own site, happens to be the technical side of the process, tat does involve both of word press templates and themes. Now when we are talking of word press templates and several of its applications, there is also a need to talk of code, PHP, CSS and plenty of other confusing abbreviations that simply have no meaning to many people, at large. However, this happens to be very regrettable, since the word press blog has the potential to make a big impact on web pages. In addition, it can also be used as a separate website, once the user gets the domain name and also becomes able to clear any discrepancy regarding hosting.

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Now to begin with, it should be accepted, that there is a great necessity to get hold of the way regarding the way the word press is found to work, that includes the installation of the software, and also to figure out the fitting of templates in to themes. However, the saga of technical know-how is not as hard as it first appears, but with the presence of word press templates, this can also be sorted out. In this regard, it should be noted, that the word press templates happen to be the backbone of the themes that are used to build the pages of word press blog. In this respect, it is found that the themes do come in all manner of styles and designs, and can be customized by altering the layouts, installing word press plugins and by the means of adding or changing the templates.

What inference do you draw from here?

The word press templates are therefore, on the whole, nothing except a bunch of files that are found together to make up the themes for your Word Press blog site. In general, a definite set of templates for word press themes would include some of the very essential files. They do include,

  • index.php – this is the main template file for your WordPress blog
  • header.php – the header template
  • footer.php – the footer template
  • page.php – for creating Word Press pages
  • single.php – for creating Word Press posts
  • sidebar.php – the Word Press blog page navigation
  • style.css – the style sheet that makes up the layout for your Word Press blog.

It is to be mentioned, that these happen to b very basics, and there are indeed several more word press templates that can be added for the sake of customizing your blog; for instance, links, search forms, archive posts and Word Press blog comments. Again, there is another confusing aspect for some people and it is the mentioning of the template tags. Well, these are not difficult to understand, and they are just bits of code to help the word press templates for the proper performance of their own jobs.

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Nevertheless, there are also several other aspects. Now, it should be remembered, that one of the great things about the word press templates is that either you or any concerned person, shall be able to customize the templates for the sake of designing individual blog pages, in addition to post pages. The pre-defined templates will more often than not apply to all the pages on your very word press blog, but you can add, remove or change the other template files for the sake of creating unique items on each page. Well, now if you do consider the word press templates as the mechanics of the themes, you can with a bit of luck begin to understand how they work together to create a word press blog. Do you want to change the look of your Word Press site or maybe to put something like a banner or ad sense code on your blog? In order to do this you need to know about three important things…

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