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How to Use Twitter to Boost Your Web Traffic

The following article about how to use Twitter to boost your web traffic should guarantee the receipt of desirable traffic. If you put good news on Twitter, then you usually receive good news. If, instead, you choose to post on Twitter a piece of information that you do not want made public, then you are sure to receive a lot of unwanted web traffic. By following the suggestion given in the following article, you should be able to avoid getting such unwanted web traffic. This is not the only way to boost traffic by using Twitter, but it is a method that recently received widespread distribution.

twitter to boost web traffic

Do the employees in your company provide your clientele with highly commendable customer service? Would you like to spread the word about your great customer service? Suppose that you could spread the word on Twitter. Would you like to learn how you can use Twitter to boost your web traffic?

Kevin Stirtz, a writer has given every company with great customer service an additional way to get more “hits” on their website by making judicious use of Twitter. Stirtz writes content for the website Stirtz happens to be looking for customer service stories. To be more specific, Stirtz wants to hear about customer service stories that have been posted on Twitter.

Kevin Stirtz

Earlier, Stirtz used HARO in order to put out a request for such stories. He has already received a number of stories, but he does not want to see an end to the flood of emails that he has received. Moreover, Stitrtz hopes to compose an article that will contain samples of good customer service from a broad range of different industries.

So, if you own and operate a business that is part of the banking industry, the healthcare industry, the retail industry, the insurance industry, the hospitality industry or the education field, then you need to get busy recalling all of the times when your employees demonstrated great customer service. Compose a short story about that example of good customer service and put it on Twitter.

If you happen to head a business that offers professional services, such as accounting or legal help, then you, too, need to dig in your memory for recollections of times when your employees showed great customer service. If you own and operate a small business, Stirtz is waiting to hear about any time when one or more of your employees demonstrated real skill in the delivery of great customer service.

Of course, do not send word about your great customer service directly to Kevin Stirtz. First, put the details of that great customer service on Twitter. Allow it to look like a testimonial. Then send a note to Stirtz about the posting on Twitter concerning your great customer service.

How should you get in touch with this writer? Use the form that he has developed for the collection of Twitter stories. You will find that form at By responding to this request, you will not only please Kevin Stirtz, you will also delight Peter Shankman. Peter is the person who came up with the idea for HARO. Peter has helped you to learn about how to use Twitter to Boost your web traffic. The number of hits to your website that a response is sure to generate should make you, as a business owner, very happy.

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