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How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Web Traffic

If you have a website, you certainly understand the great need to boost your traffic. The days of simply optimizing keywords and exchanging links is slowly ending. As the popularity of social networking sites increases, this changes the way that webmasters must think in regard to building a traffic base. The most interesting site in the world will do no one any good if it is sandboxed or buried on page 10 under your keywords. Let’s take a look at how to use Facebook to boost your web traffic.

facebook boost web traffic

Facebook is an extremely popular social networking site. What does this mean and how does this apply to you? Your goal as a webmaster is to increase traffic to the highest extent possible. Facebook has more than 115 million people who log in every single month. It is the biggest networking site in the world. Let’s take a look at how this can help you. Many people log into Facebook to meet up with friends, make posts about what is new in their world and to search through profiles of other members, many times finding new online friends. These 115 plus people each month can help you get traffic to your site.

Think about how to use Facebook to boost your web traffic as tapping into a huge source of potential visitors to your site. The steps of using Facebook to boost your traffic is fairly easy and we will discuss the steps that you can take with results faster than you imagined. You will first want to build a Facebook network. This will be a group of online friends, which will continually grow. If you can obtain one friend, you can have thousands and it works in the following way.

facebook boost web traffic

You simply need to create a profile for yourself and your website. Your profile should reflect the focus of your site. If your site is regarding gardening, make this the focus of your Facebook profile. Now it is time to find other people who are interested in gardening. With over hundreds of millions of people, this is actually the easy part. There are countless groups and all you need to do is join groups that relate to what your site is about.

As you look at relevant groups, ask that group to add you as a friend. Try to send out twenty requests each day. If you do that, you could easily build a network of over a thousand people who are all interested in the subject of your website, within a couple of months.

Taking only perhaps a half hour per day or less, you will not want to disappear; your network needs to see that you are active. Your goal will be to do small things that create an interest in what you are doing. This is done by putting up posts. It is best if you mix these up with a bit of business and a bit of personal and fun information. For example, you can talk about the new sale that is about to start and the next day you can post a funny joke that relates to what your site is all about. The key is to make your thoughts and correlating website interesting. People will click in to read about you and this drives a percentage of them to your site. The more you post, the more traffic you gain. It really is that simple.

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