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How to Optimize a Website for Google

Everyone in the world who has a website wonders one thing: how to optimize a website for Google. Why does everyone want to please Google? It is because seventy-five percent of all people search via Google. The other twenty-five use Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others. And one thing you should know is that while it is not “official” stated, it appears that Yahoo follows along with whatever Google does. In other words, if Google thinks that a site is worthy of being in the top results, chances are that Yahoo will put that website on the same page results as well.

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When you have a website, many people will tell you that your goal should be to be found within the first four pages of Google. Each page displays ten pages results, therefore many say that you want to be within the top forty, the top four pages. However, how often is it that you yourself have clicked beyond the second page? The majority of people will believe that the best information and best websites are on the first page of Google. Therefore, you goal to optimize your site should be to fall within the first ten search results, landing you on Google’s first page.

You can pay for a spot there, but most web users know that those spots are paid for, it is the same as screaming, “Look at this commercial!” Therefore, if you take a bit of time you can optimize your site yourself and be found based off of your hard work and excellent website.

When Google looks at a website, they do not see one site, they see each and every page as its own site. Therefore, each page should have a different and specific theme. For example, if you website is about roses, one page should be about red roses, one page about blue roses and so on.

Each page, including the Home Page should have at least five hundred words and up to fifteen hundred. You must choose which “key words” you want; these will be the words that people will type in to find your website. Have those keywords appear in the title area, in the first paragraph (bolded is best) and at least five more times within the text of the page.

When you use a template and website builder, most will have a feature in which you give the page its settings. This is where you tell Google what you want to show in the results, in other words, the title of the page. This should have your keyword(s) in it. Be sure that your description, the part that searchers will read to find out what your site is about, contain the keywords(s) and also that it is well written and typo free. Keep it short, simple and intriguing.

Never pack your pages with too many keywords, if you do, Google will think that you are “spamming”, trying to fix the results. And never forget to have those keywords, or you will never be found. Once your site is all set up appropriately, you must then link only with site that are similar to your website

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