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History Of Web Design

Web design has been popular throughout the many years we have had the Internet.  For some people, it is a great career to design and make website for other people who are promoting their business or things they have to sell.  Web design is based on only your imagination and creativity.  It is your vision of how you want to be seen and remembered.  Many people take advantage of different templates on the web to make their own custom design.  Some people hire others with much training to do it.  It depends on your style and your knowledge base of creating a web site and its design.

Web Design History

The history of web design began all the way back in August of 1991.  Tim Berners-Lee who was the inventor of the Web was the first person to use an actual designed web page.  He simply joined email, the Usenet, and hypertext language all in one fell swoop.  HTML became the popular markup language for these websites.  HTML was a very basic system using only some headings and a few paragraphs.  You had to incorporate the hyperlinks in each page to get to the next page.

As markup language and HTML became more and more complex, you started seeing images and graphics on many of the web pages.  CSS or Cascading Style Sheets created a table layout that was easily arranged.  As times go further, we will see more and more of these new additions to each and every Web page.  Someone may come up with a new program or language to add to the speed and accuracy of the World Wide Web today.

As times have changed, so has the web page language and design.  There are many different items you must place on your website for it to be successful  You must have proper content and explanations of each thing you present on your site.  The website should also be user-friendly.  If a website is hard to navigate, most people give up.  Make sure every link is always working, and everything can be read easily as well.  The design and features of your website are also of importance.  If there is a busy design or not enough information, this will also cause problems for your visitors.  Probably the most important thing is to make sure your site is easily found on the Internet.  If people can’t find your site, you won’t get any Web traffic.  This means no visitors to your site.

So keep up with current changes in Web design.  Make sure you upload the site to the Internet.  Some people use FTP clients to accomplish this.  Once you have it on the Internet, you can do all sorts of things to increase traffic flow to the site.  Keywords are the best ways to accomplish this.  Links from other websites will also help.  When people use Yahoo, MSN, or Google to search for something, they will bring up your site in the search.  This is what you want.

The history of Web design has come a long way from its very beginnings.  It started out as just a language and some words on a page.  Now we can add graphics and other pictures to the websites.  We can also link to other sites and search for many different sites that have the same subject matter.  This is a big step forward in the history of Web design.


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    This is really nice to see that we have travelled so far from starting point. I am sure yet we have to achieve many untouched goal.

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