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Free Ways to Find Great Keywords

Whether you have one hundred successful websites or if you are working on your first, you most certainly have heard about the importance of keywords. While a website does need good design elements, easy navigation and other elements, it just simply can’t survive without keyword implementation. The words you choose will directly impact where you land in search results. Without understanding what they are, choosing the perfect ones for your particular niche and then implementing them correctly, a site can be doomed from the first second of being launched. Let’s take a detailed look at valid, free ways to find great keywords in order to have a successful website.

ways to find keywords

Keywords are what a person enters into a search bar when they wish to find something on the Internet. The websites that show up on the first page of the search results will be the websites that have used those keywords correctly in the content of their site. When you are creating a site, remember that each page is looked at individually, not as a whole. For example, if your entire website is regarding gardening, you may have one page in which the main theme is growing tomatoes and another page in which the main theme is growing corn. But, how will someone find your page about growing tomatoes? They will do this by typing in the words into the search bar that you have put onto your page. And this is where it can become very tricky if you do not choose your keywords correctly.

For the sake of example, let’s continue using the hypothetical case of having a page about tomatoes. Do you want people to find you by searching for “how to grow tomatoes” or do you want them to find you by typing in “best tomatoes for cooking”? In order to have a successful website, you will want those keywords to be rather unique. If you choose keywords in which 100,000 people per day search for, chances are that your competition will be so great that you could end up on page 45 of the search results and never be seen. On the other hand, if you choose keywords that are very rarely even typed into a search bar, no one will go to your site even if you do show up on page 1 in the results.

In most cases, the average person does not look passed the third page of search results. Therefore, having the right keywords for your website so that you can be found on pages one, two or three is vital. Landing on page one should be your ultimate goal. Let’s take a look at free ways to find great keywords so that you can get your site where it should be.

free keyword tool

Free keyword tools will give show you how many times people, on average, typed in certain words. Most free keyword tools will not only show you the numbers for the keywords that you are wondering about, but will also produce a long list of related keywords. Therefore, if you find out that only 15 people searched for “vine ripened tomatoes” in the last month, but 3,000 did search for “most delicious tomatoes” you know will know to change your keywords. Do keep in mind that if one million people searched for “tomatoes”, you do want to go for a smaller audience, as your competition would be enormous.

Free keyword tools can be found on the Internet, usually in the same way that we are talking about, by typing in the words “free ways to find great keywords”. It can also help to write down a phrase that you are thinking of using for your keywords, and then brainstorming as many related terms that you can possibly think of. If you have access to your website’s analytics data, you can take a look at the most popular ways that people are finding your site. This feedback can then allow you to make necessary changes.

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