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Dreamweaver Tutorial for Beginners

The Dreamweaver is a web editor supported by Haverford’s. It has features that are useful for both the beginners and advanced web page creators. Many aspects of web development are integrated with the Dreamweaver, which includes site management, page creation and web server tools, giving the user a good outlook of the complete web site. Dreamweaver do have support to Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript along with other sophisticated functions. Here is a list of some of the basics that Dreamweaver offers Site Management, Templates, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript Behaviors. This Dreamweaver is commercial software that is sold by Adobe.

Dreamweaver Tutorial

With the Dreamweaver tutorial one can learn the creation of all vital Dreamweaver contact form and also to make that form to be sent to the Inbox of the email given. By following this Dreamweaver Tutorial on creating an operating contact form that runs in just a few steps. But one thing to done to start, is to download this PHP form to Email script and unzip to the root directory of the website. Another is to create a new page, which can be added to the existing page. Here are few steps to be followed to create the contact form.

First step is to choose file and select new from it, which makes a new document dialog box to appear. Next in the list of blank document list, choose the HTML and click create- this creates a new HTML document. Enter Contact Form to add a title to the document you’re creating, in the title text field in the document toolbar. Then the next work is to choose the file menu and select save from it, saving the document in the local site folder. The .htm extension must be given to the name, this of very sure done.

Next our work is to insert a form onto the page. For that just do the following easy steps, select Insert- then form and again form from Flyout menu. This opens a form dialog box. Enter FormtoEmail.php in the Action text box, where this file must have been already extracted to the root of website. Place the form objects on to the page, which is the information you like to get from through this contact form. These objects could be easily placed with by selecting from the insert menu, the objects name and the names can also be given to these objects through the properties window available. One thing is to place each objects in a different and separate line to help wit the usability.

Now it’s the time to edit two or more lines in the FormtoEmail.php file. So open this file in Dreamweaver, the line that starts with $my_email must be edited by giving in the email address, which needed to be sent the email to send to. And the next line is where the visitors will be directed after they have pressed the submit button. You can simply leave in blank else if you have any pages to direct them then it can be given in the location of the page you want the users to be directed to.

Now the final step is to upload both the files to your web server and now it’s all done. So now you must be made clear and happy with knowing to create a contact form.

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