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Best osCommerce Templates

Managing your on line commerce and on line store is all a part of osCommerce. This program helps in keeping all things in your business straight. It is a relatively simple program that can help you account for all your business ventures. Whether it is keeping up with stock or income versus what you have left, osCommerce will be on hand to help keep it all in a row. You will never wonder where your merchandise is or when it was sold. osCommerce will keep all your important details straight for you and keep all your records filed properly and completely.

Man store oscommerce templates

The whole osCommerce system has many functions in the day to day operation of an on line business. Many of these include database backup, secure transactions for customers, automatically installs on the Web, Uses different forms of currency and can convert, can handle up to one image per product, handles shipping arrangements, and calculates tax rates and different zones for each product you may have.

As you can see osCommerce is a handy tool to have to keep all your business transactions current and up to date.

Furniture store oscommerce templates

The osCommerce themes follow the templates which are available on line or through the distribution company of osCommerce. STS, BTS, and another one called SMARTY are available as of right now. These templates include color coding and using specific tables to withdraw information that you need specific to each person in your business or each product.

Jewelry store oscommerce template

The osCommerce system was started in Germany in 2000 by Harald Ponce de Leon. The current program MILESTONE 2.2 is very usable and customer oriented. MILESTONE 3.0 is in the works and will be a rewrite of the current program. The programmers want to include some changes in the layouts of the templates and using a password and user name system to gain access to the program.

There were some bugs to be worked out of the osCommerce system and they are trying to get them all straight in the 3.0 version of the program. Some of the problems included not being able to use certain credit cards, The product images were not able to be increased to full size, Products that were to be downloaded were not entirely safe to download, and UPS wasn’t included as a shipping option. The newer versions of osCommerce should be ridding the program of the remaining problems.

The new version should provide a great database for all your business and personal needs. Keeping track of everyone who works for you as well as the merchandise you sell or buy can be a daunting task. The new software for osCommerce makes it easier than anything else you will ever try. Many people use other programs thinking they are so much better than most of the older ones out there. This particular program gives you a database and you can find out any information you need from it. If you need to know how many products sold for Christmas last year and what color, this program can tell you. If you want to know the highest price paid on any of your auction items, this program can arrange from highest to lowest bid. If you want a list of people that bid the most on your merchandise, you can ask for that.

Take a chance with the new program of osCommerce. It comes free from the GNU under Public License. You will be glad you did.

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