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5 Tips For Web Design

Web design has become one of the most money earning professions when internet provided us with ready-made softwares for web designing. You can stay at home and work as a freelancer which is convenient for single mothers, students and people who have other responsibilities that does not allow them to leave home that often. Once you have started web design whether it is as a profession or a hobby a few web designing tips will help you a lot which are mentioned further. These tips are simple and easy to follow but make a lot of difference in the end result of your web design.

Since World Wide Web provided us with all sorts of web designing softwares including HTML, FrontPage, Flash, Dreamweaver and many others. These softwares can be chosen according to your own personal interest for instance if someone is good at programming languages than HTML can be preferred for web development while for new comers FrontPage is ideal. Once you are planning on building your own personal webpage or a webpage for a company or firm then following few of the tips will help you make an easy yet trendy webpage in no time. These tips can be applied to any kind of web design software you are using as the end result of each webpage matters the most.

Now the basic few and important tips to develop an effective webpage are: First of all a webpage is supposed to be easy to comprehend and follow. Do not focus too much on intellectual words or style that it makes your webpage complicated and lesser the users you already have. The navigation of links on your website are suppose to be easy and obvious rather than making people find them which makes them to lose interest and a web designer definitely does not want that. Get into the mind of a viewer and imagine what would he/she want to read on the front page of your website? Keeping that thought in mind then develops your first page that will load as first impressions are hard to mend.

Once a website is developed then upload it to an easy-to-remember URL. This is supposed to be loaded quickly and easily within 15 seconds as no matter how interesting your webpage is if it takes pretty long to load then that can turn into a problem for you and your viewers. While optimizing your load time of your website remove any unused scripts or tags.

Developing your webpage keep in mind this website will be viewed by everyone and anyone in the world. Now all these viewers may have all sorts of monitors including different resolutions. So there is nothing more convenient about a webpage that can be viewed flawlessly on any resolution from 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768. A webpage developed for only higher resolution may result in decreasing fewer viewers as there are still people out there who have a less resolution. Compatibility with all the browsers is necessary too.

Some people may think that pictures speak better than words but in case of developing a webpage the fewer images the better. Keep the background plain white instead of adding background images and pictures to cover the empty part. Apart from this the fonts that you are planning to use should be uncomplicated to read. Do not concentrate on making it too stylish that you compromise on the readability of your webpage fonts.

Remove all broken links or links that may result in spamming the user or infecting his/her computer and if you do have links to other websites from your webpage make sure they open in another new window rather than the same one as this may take your viewers away from your page which should not be a web designers strategy. Nobody can stand visiting a website that has spams and viruses on each click.


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    Another tip that people are constantly looking over: always have a link back to your homepage displayed somewhere on each page. In fact I also recommend having a link to go back to the main page of whatever category you are in. It stinks to get lost within a website!

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