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How Much Is Your Search Engine Optimization Budget

Marketing and advertising your business can get pricey pretty quickly. For small companies it can be hard to compete with the bigger guys, whose budgets are a lot bigger and who probably have teams of people who do nothing but keep them in the public eye. Fortunately, the internet has leveled the playing field somewhat, though there is still a need to make well thought out choices. Doing things poorly is often worse than doing...
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Reasons to Use a Freelance Web Designer

The freelance web designer can monitor the amount of work that he or she must handle during any given period of time. If the freelancer is especially busy, he or she might put on the appropriate website the name and contact number for another reputable web designer. A web designer employed by a company does not have that freedom. He or she must somehow manage to develop an effective design, even at times when the...
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Job of a Web Designer

As some of our recent college graduates move into the job of a web designer, they might be lucky enough to work with some of today’s top scientists. Take, for example, the exciting job held by one web designer in southern California. He works at the Jet Propulsion Lab, the institute that has helped to put a soil sampler on the surface of Mars. Although he would love to design websites for some local non-profits,...
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